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Privatization of our Air Traffic Control

  • The cost of the modernisation project is expected to be shouldered by fees generated from the parties that use the ATC system, and that will passed on to the consumer...that  may not be a bad thing...less stress, less jammed flights  and maybe even better service!  The big challenge will be felt by the LLC operators to their models.

Airline Customer Service !

  •  Indeed, you’d think that by now, based on huge amount of newspaper, late night show jokes and TV news showing us big customer service screw-ups and/or major operational or technical failures that flying commercially in America is a ticket to Resident Evil 7.   So while most U.S. carriers have had significant customer image problems –all are doing just fine.  The demand for airline seats in America has quite literally never been stronger going into the summer even though seats are getting smaller and smaller and aisles getting narrower and narrower.  So what’s up with that? Less airlines = less choice = less customer service.  At a conference years back, a CEO of an LCC said “I’ll worry about complaints when the planes are empty”  The market condition is ripe for a new airline with a really new radical model – customer focused service.  Not great customer service, not over the top service, just consistent service understanding that we need to make the travel experience good again, not great, just consistently good.  It can be done. There is a space between the LLC’s and the legacy airlines.

250,000 total berths being added to the global cruise fleet!

Overboard! Fleet capacity without constraints is dangerous strategy, "creating" demand simply by providing new capacity (ships) and finding customers to fill them. The result is that the current orderbook already represents another 250,000 total berths being added to the global cruise fleet in the 10 years to 2025, increasing capacity by 40%. Some analysts are predicting that, with further orders inevitably to be placed for deliveries within the second half of that 10-year span, fleet capacity will probably grow at least 50% and push the global passenger total up from 24m last year to 30m by 2022, towards 35m by 2026 and then 40m by 2030. In addition to the ever increasing number of cruise ships on order, the cruise lines are also investing heavily in refurbishment of their existing ships, with $1.5bn spent on cruise ship refurbishment in 2016 alone.

Airline mergers, oh my!

Honey, I shrunk the airline industry!

How mergers have shrunk the airline industry in the U.S.

Where did the Travel Agents go?

I remember when I headed IATAN, many thought that it would not be a good idea to include home based agents in the program. 

 I was told that home based agents would be a passing fad!  I am glad we stuck with it!  Now look at the number of host agencies from Cruise to Eco-trek, there is something for every sector!  Keep in mind there are many more non-identified home based agents out there!

Can you fly a plane?

 The airline industry will need 70 new type-rated pilots per day for the next 10 years to meet global demand. This record demand will challenge current pilot recruitment channels and development programs. New and innovative pilot career pathways and training systems will be required to meet the industry's pilot needs and ever-evolving safety, competency and efficiency standards.