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21st Century Airports & Destinations

In-depth collaboration with airports throughout the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean, and Central & South America has enabled Mr. Rivero to become adept in the knowledge that today’s airports are destinations in need of 21 century strategies to attract airlines and customers. He has successfully guided airports in the process of privatization, conducting full operational assessments and spear heading expansion programs.  

Working in partnership with airports, tourism boards and hotels brings the full chain of travel to one focus, that is to increase visitors. Each entity is a key link in the chain of tourism.  They cannot work independently of each other, yet most destinations work in silos. The strategy of breaking these silos to bring all players to the table and create a healthy and sustainable flow of tourism has proven to be the hallmark of Mr. Rivero's success.  Areas of expertise include Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America.      



 Tourism is not only a leisure and fun activity. Rather, it is also the industry which draws, accommodates and entertains tourists and helps generate income for the country. Tourism opportune us to explore new culture, meet new people and do fun and adventure at different places. 

 Have you ever noticed how the look and status of a place changes when it is declared a tourist place? Actually, tourism aids and encourages infrastructure development by making way for dams, roads, connectivity, airport improvements, and any other activity that helps a tourist in visiting a place in a much better way! 

 Tourism attracts and invites numerous visitors across the world to come and visit a country. It also helps in the economic progress of a country and generates employment too. Tourism is also a wonderful method for cultural exchange! Hence, every country should encourage tourism as much as possible because tourism lets us explore and discover how beautiful this world is! 

 A coordinated management  effort within a strategic and coherent framework is then intended to produce effects both at local level in terms of increasing incoming touristic flows and yields, spreading the benefits of tourism development, reducing environmental impacts and ensuring environmental sustainability in target areas.  Destination management is key for a strong tourism sector.